November 2017....Our URTC (Utility Rack for Tonneau Covers is now available to order. click here


October 2017....A very exciting new bed rack design coming. Stay tuned....


October 2017....Our new toolbox is now available for pre-order. Jump on it!! click here


September 2017....Steady and continuous growth. Our Premium Bed rack continues to be a massive hit, and we have two new projects starting soon.


August 2017....We have added FedEx as a shipping option. This will greatly reduce the cost of shipping larger items, especially if you're far away from us.


August 2017....Sales for our adjustable width bed rack have really taken off. Keep an eye out for them on your local trails. Since they fit any truck, you never know what you might see them on.


August 2017....We have acquired a brand new 2017 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO in order to expand our product line even further. Not to mention, it is a pretty awesome tow vehicle.


July 2017....Growth growth growth!!! We just expanded our inventory space by more than four times what it previously was. And stay tuned for more and more new products!!


June 2017....Wow has this been a big month. To top it off, we have just purchased a new building for inventory storage. Our current facility just couldn't handle our rapid expansion.


June 2017....We just added our Rear View Camera Anytime Kit for 2016+ Tacomas. If you tow, this is the kit for you. Order Here


June 2017....Many new products coming for our Tundra brothers!! Two different crossbars, and a premium level bed rack. Our new bed rack will also fit every other truck on the market as it features adjustable width. Stay Tuned!!


April 2017....Spring is here. You might have noticed the leaf springs of your Tacoma squeaking after a long winter. A great way to get rid of that annoying noise, is to pressure wash the truck (get the springs really good), and spray the springs with Boeshield T9. I've been using this for a while, and it's a great product.


March 2017....Need more cargo options for the bed of your truck? Check out our new aluminum cargo basket with optional drawer slides.

Also stay tuned for more new products. We are always finding new things to make.

We are also making a big expansion to our parts storage capability in the next couple weeks, in order to help us grow and grow and grow.


February 2017....KB Voodoo has recently made some business improvements that will allow us to carry an unbelievable inventory. By spring, there will be no lead time for any of our products. People will have their parts a couple days after order placement 100% of the time.


January 2017....Our remote starter kits for 2016-2017 Tacoma's are flying off the shelves and people couldn't be happier with them. Order here


December 2016....We are now offering a remote start system for 2016-2017 Tacoma's.


December 2016....We now accept PAYPAL as a form of payment!!


November 2016....We have redesigned our tonneau cover crossbars to be even stronger. They are now capable of handling RTT's. Check them out here.


2016 Toyota Tacoma has made its first appearance!!

Click here to see its debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show

Click Here to give it a look